The Rules

  1. You must be a follower to submit

  2. All we ask from contributors is that you pick your favorite episode or character-specific death, and that all the creations be 100% made by you

  3. If you’re submitting via Tumblr, please include your name to attribute to your work

  4. All posts will be approved before being live on the site

  5. Approved artwork is sent to the queue for auto posting

  6. Approved artwork might take between 10-20 days to be posted on the site, so please be patient

  7. Please refrain from profanity and lewd references on your work

  8. Creations must not be inflammatory to public figures, celebrities, religion and other brands

  9. Be respectful of all works in the realm

  10. You grant HBO the royalty-free right (but not the obligation) to use your artwork, name and profile photo in any and all media, including advertising and promotion

  11. Submissions should be held to an aspect ratio of 1:1, 2:3. 3:4, and tagged with the episode from which it came